All our chocolates are handmade on site using the finest world’s finest covertures blended with local, seasonal, often organic produce. Our products are made in small batches and change on a regular basis. Most of our chocolates are gluten-free & plenty of dairy-free products available but just ask our friendly shop assistants to help you. 

These are some of the fresh chocolate truffles (all gluten-free) you may find at the shop... 

Saltbush Caramel – 70% Valrhona dark chocolate enrobing a soft buttery caramel seasoned with native saltbush.

Lemon Myrtle – Fresh lemon juice blended with creamy white chocolate, infused with native lemon myrtle leaf & enrobed in dark chocolate. 

Local Honey & Wattleseed - Milk chocolate ganache blended with local honey finished with bee pollen.

Raspberry & Native Thyme – Raspberry dark chocolate ganache infused with native thyme & finished with a sprinkling of raspberry powder.

Sparkling – Simply a local sparkling wine and milk chocolate dusted with strawberry sugar.

Single Origin – Water based truffle using the best single origin chocolate (dairy-free).

Individual (un-boxed) - $3 

2-piece gift box of chocolates - $7 

6-piece gift box of chocolates - $20

12-piece gift box of chocolates - $35

18-piece gift box of chocolates - $50

30-piece gift box of chocolates - $75

*** Please note our fresh chocolates (above) only have a shelf life of 10 days ***

Sue also creates a range of bars & barks which are beautifully packaged and ready to go. 

Bars - $8 per bar (50g) or 3 for $21

32% caramelised white chocolate with crunchy pearls 

33% white chocolate with lemon myrtle (GF)

36% caramelised milk chocolate with crunchy pearls (not GF)

41% milk chocolate with sandalwood nuts (GF)

60% milk chocolate with strawberries (GF)

70% dark chocolate (DF & GF)

70% dark chocolate with confit orange (DF & GF) *seasonal* 

85% dark chocolate (DF & GF)

Single-origin bars - $9 per bar (50g) or 3 for $24 (all dairy & gluten-free)

46% Dominican Republic

55% Brazil - Double Fermented with Passionfruit

64% Madagascar

65% Vietnam

67% Dominican Republic

67% Papua New Guinea

75% Venezuela

100% Dominican Republic (sugar free)

Barks, Nuts, Jars & Beans - $14 per bag/jar or 2 for $25

White chocolate with rose & cardamom (GF)

Caramelised white chocolate with strawberries & cacao nibs (GF)

Caramelised milk chocolate with Australian hazelnuts (GF)

Milk chocolate with fennel & ginger (GF)

Milk chocolate with WA honeycomb (GF)

60% milk chocolate with WA macadamias, cherry & lemon myrtle (GF)

Dark chocolate with WA honeycomb (DF & GF)

Dark chocolate with chilli & cacao nibs (DF & GF)

Dark chocolate with summer fruits (DF & GF)

Dark chocolate with almonds & cranberries (DF & GF)

Australian apricots dipped in dark chocolate (DF & GF)

WA macadamia nuts coated in dark chocolate & lemon myrtle (DF & GF)

WA sandalwood nuts coated in milk chocolate & saltbush (GF)

WA roasted coffee beans coated in caramelised white chocolate (GF)

Salted Caramel jar (GF)

Hot Chocolate jar (DF & GF)

Jar of Crunchy Pearls - Dulcey, Milk or Dark Chocolate


Bars - available in white, dulcey, milk & dark chocolate - $5 each

Brownies - $5 per piece

Cacao Tea - $12 per 100g bag

Cacao Nibs - $15 per 200g bag

Cacao Powder - $15 per 200g bag

Chocolate Buttons - White, Milk or Dark Chocolate - $25 per 500g bag

Limeburners whisky caramel jar - $20 per jar

Rocky Road - $7 per piece